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Charlton House coat of arms

Charlton House coat of arms

Charlton House coat of arms

This tile shows the coat of arms of the Maryon Wilson family, owners of Charlton House for 150 years. A coat of arms is used to symbolise family connections. It was originally worn in battle by soldiers disguised by protective armour, to indicate who was fighting on your side.

When the Maryon Wilsons built a new gate house in 1899, they put this tile with their coat of arms above the door. You can find their coat of arms in other places in Charlton House. They have a wolf and three stars to represent their family – what symbols would you use to represent yours?

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Charlton House


How did they live in Charlton House?

Charlton House is very old with many people living there through the centuries – and it’s said to be haunted! Click to find out more.

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