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Charlton House & India

Charlton House & India

Charlton House & India

This is a picture of Charlton House when it was owned by a very wealthy man called William Langhorn. He bought Charlton House with money he had made working in Madras in India for the British East India Company. The Company controlled large parts of India before it became part of the British Empire. It was also involved in the slave trade, although we don’t know if Langhorn himself had any direct connections to slavery.

Part of the history of buildings like Charlton House is how and where the people who owned them made their money. This is often connected to the exploitation of others in Britain and globally.

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Charlton House


How did they live in Charlton House?

Charlton House is very old with many people living there through the centuries – and it’s said to be haunted! Click to find out more.

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