Bardan owns The Village Greengrocers which stayed open offering fresh food to its customers.

Bardan’s Story

Bardan’s Story
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Bardan Pradhan owns and runs The Village Greengrocers in Charlton Village which stayed open throughout the pandemic providing fresh food to its customers.

Bardan was born in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. He moved to London in 2007 to do a business degree. After graduating he worked in telecommunications and as an economics tutor but he really wanted to get into the food business. He ran street food stalls at festivals for five years but was keen to work with local producers. He bought his shop, The Village Greengrocers, in 2017. Bardan has a partner and a daughter who was born the same year as he opened his shop.

‘I feel personally it’s a “good karma” business because you’re looking after people’s well-being, you’re looking after people’s health’

Bardan's chosen object

‘I think one thing that could really define the whole year for me is a picture of my team with our face masks, just by the till, I can’t thank them more because it was not just a risk from my part, these two guys took the risk along with me all along this journey. So, for me, if I was to describe the whole business, the shop, and then the emotions we went through, the tiredness you know, so this picture really defines us in a way what we achieved together’.

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